Insecure 2, Episode 5: Let's Talk About Infidelity & Open Relationships {08.21.17}

"Last night’s episode which took on the topics of open relationships & infidelity inspired me as a relationship & sex therapist, to get out of my blogging hibernation.  Thank you, Issa Rae!" [Read More]

Who Are You Independent of Your Relationship? {2.17.17}

"The reality is our partners can support our growth and provide us with the type of love, compassion, and empathy that feeds our personal evolution, but they can’t free us from the responsibility of loving ourselves. Nor can we free them of theirs." [Read More...]

Who Is Talking To Your Children About S-E-X {8.8.2016}

"Think back to how you learned about sex.  What do you remember?

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a sex-positive home your parents facilitated an ongoing conversation about sexual health and wellness.  You were encouraged to ask questions and received loving, supportive, and accurate answers to those questions." [Read More...]

5 Signs You & Your Partner May Need Therapy {8.2.2016}

"Most people begin relationships filled with optimism and excitement about the future.  The Honeymoon Phase may last months, sometimes even years." [Read More...]

10 Sex Myths That May Be Hurting Your Relationship - Part 2

"...This week we’re revisiting our pleasure series and finishing the other half of 10 Sex Myths That May Be Hurting Your Relationship." [Read More...]

Self-Care When The World Feels Unsafe: 7/8/2016

What a challenging time to be alive.


"All the violence this week has left many of us experiencing intense & overwhelming emotions--not knowing how to manage the heaviness in our hearts. Before continuing our desire series we wanted to address the collective grief & trauma many are experiencing today." [Read More]

10 Sex Myths That May Be Hurting Your Relationship - Part 1

"As mentioned in our previous post, we're going to address the topic of dwindling desire over the next few weeks.  Today's post will address what I believe to be one one of the greatest culprits to

dwindling desire--unrealistic expectations placed on ourselves and our sexual partners which are most often based on misinformation" [Read More...]

The Thrill Is Gone - What Happens When Passion Dwindles In Relationships

"One of the most common complaints I hear as a couples therapist is about the lack of passion in relationships, especially, long-term relationships.

There is often a great deal of love, respect, and admiration, but the fire has dwindled." [Read More...]

Fear vs. Love: The Choice is Yours

Read our article on making decisions based on love vs. fear featured on Good Therapy[Read More...]

Dear Mama, You're Not There: Four Ways to Mother Yourself On Mother's Day

"This Sunday, Mother’s Day, many will celebrate motherhood.  Mothers will be asked to take a break and will be treated to extra attention and will be thanked for their endless devotion to their families and reminded that their efforts are not in vain.  Thank you for being so selfless, Mamas. But just like any other holiday, some people dread the pending day because their relationship with their mother or motherhood is a reminder of deep pain..." [Read More...]

How To Begin A Self-Care Practice

“You need to practice good self-care.”

“Self-care is essential..."[Read More...]

Female Sexual Pain: Why Does It Hurt So Bad? Six Ways To Empower Yourself & Begin Healing

If you grew up in a sex-positive home where questions regarding sex were encouraged and openly discussed then you’re one of the lucky few.  Most people receive limited to no discussion regarding sex from their parents.  Most parents struggle to explain the basics when it comes to sexual wellness, let alone talk to their kids about sexual pleasure...[Read More...]

How To Stay Connected To Your Partner During Busy Times 


"I don't know what happened to us.  We rarely spend time together and hardly even have sex anymore.  We used to be so close--now it just feels like we're roommates." 


Sound familiar?  [Read More...]

Celebrate Your Independence on
Valentine's Day

What do you do when you find yourself without a romantic partner on Valentine's Day? If you embrace the day like any other then I applaud you! But if you find yourself struggling with the single life then this post is for you. [Read More...]