My passion for understanding human behavior and relationships goes back to childhood. I come from a huge extended family where relationships are priority.  Firsthand, I witnessed the tremendous impact they have on our well-being.  I've also always been highly sensitive to others emotions.  When I witness suffering, I feel pulled to help.

Despite my interest relationships and human behavior, I opted for a bachelor degree in Marketing. A Bachelor of Business Administration seemed like a practical education I could utilize...and it was.  I worked at a marketing firm for a couple of years before starting and helping run a medical equipment company for 12 years. My desire to become a therapist, however, never subsided nor was satisfied in the business world.  

I decided to return to school twelve years {and a whole lot of life experience} later to receive my Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy from The University of Houston-Clear Lake.  Once I began to practice as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist-Associate, I noticed how often clients would sit in sessions with anxious questions about sex. I could sense their uncertainty about whether I was educated and comfortable about discussing sexual wellness. I knew I needed more training, so I enrolled in the highly respected University of Michigan Sexual Health Certification Program where I acquired 163 continuing education units to be able to provide my clients with competent sex therapy and education.  I am also actively working towards sex therapy certification and am being formally mentored by the nationally recognized and highly respected Dr. Neil Cannon from Colorado.

I am committed to providing:

  • compassionate, ethical, and nonjudgmental support;

  • skills and resources to reach their goals; and

  • a safe place to model and practice healthy relationship skills.

I consider it a privilege every time someone invites me to be part of their emotional growth and healing process.  I strive to provide personalized support that is unique and relevant to each situation.  Every day I am reminded of the resilience of the human spirit.  When you're ready, let's get started towards the path to THRIVE not just SURVIVE!


  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate (Texas)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - University of Houston Downtown

  • Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy - University of Houston Clear Lake

  • University of Michigan Sexual Health Certification Program Alumni